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Hi, I am Peter Coombe, a PriceWaterhouse qualified chartered accountant, I've been building financial models for over 25 years to help businesses plan better and assess the future impacts of decisions.  I have undertaken projects from very simple (small startup companies) to extremely complex (I built the Billiton model for the merger of BHP and Billiton).  I've even modeled the maintenance costs of the Syndey road system for Lendlease (this included 10,000 scenario monte carlo analysis) and the expected performance for the entire Amcal and Guardian chemist network.

I combine advanced Excel expertise with years of commercial experience to deliver user-friendly, accurate, and flexible financial models your team can use for years to come.  Once developed your model can be migrated easily to other platforms but it will always be developed in Excel first.

I can help you if you are a single-site manufacturing operation in Australia or a 100-site retail organisation with a global footprint.

Model outputs may not only include the classic 3-way P&L, Balance sheet, and cashflow, but also HR resource planning, inventory purchase planning, and any other key business driver you require.

You can contact me on 0425715160 or email  A quick chat will cost you nothing and I am always happy to talk about your requirements even if you don't end up working with me.


Areas that I am typically engaged in:

  • Business model building for company use

  • Buy-side transaction assessment

  • Sell-side transaction assessment

  • Internal model review/audit

  • Business plan generation

  • Detailed operational modeling 

  • Scenario-based monte carlo analysis

Why work with me?

There are several reasons to work with me on your modeling project.

  1.  I am the person companies turn to when the Big 4 either lack the skills or want to charge too much for complex work.

  2. No job is too big or too small.

  3. I have a well-rounded business background, including at CEO level.  This means I see the big picture and can help you rapidly distill your requirements to get the best possible outcome.

  4. I have an intricate understanding of the relationship between operational inputs and financial outcomes, I build models from operational drivers, not just simple financial inputs.

  5. I have extensive experience in systems implementation and understand the connections (and disconnections) between models, forecast systems, ERP systems etc.  

  6. I offer both fixed price and "time and material" pricing.

Why do you need a financial model for your business?

Having an accurate, flexible, and easy-to-use financial model takes your business planning, exit planning, restructure planning, acquisition assessment, and/or budgeting to an entirely new level. (The list goes on!)

The ability to rapidly and accurately assess the impact of business decisions and initiatives on your business performance and cash flow simply cannot be overstated.

Business modeling is vital for both major and minor decisions that have long-term impacts on your business.

  • Do you have enough capital?

  • What will be the impact on your working capital levels (Do you need more inventory storage? If so when?) 

  • When should you make new hires to support your business growth?

  • What will your staff bonus scheme look like over the next few years under different scenarios?

  • What actions does your accountant/finance team need to take now to optimize your future tax position (Do not underestimate the power of advanced tax planning!)

  • What will your business look like after an acquisition - will it add or destroy business value?

  • And let us not forget - how much is your business actually worth?


The cost will depend upon the complexity of the model required and the complexity of the business.  I don't use generic templates, or reuse your model for someone else like many firms do.  Everything is custom-built for you and your team to your exact requirements, including things such as your chart of accounts, operational structure, banking arrangements, and even your tax structure if needed.

Depending upon complexity, costs start from around $6-7,000 and range up to over $50,000.

Timing can be adjusted to meet requirements and budgets.  A minimum of 6-8 weeks is usually needed, but rush jobs can be accommodated if required.

For this you will get:

  • In-depth discovery work is undertaken to establish your exact needs.

  • Detailed scope development and agreement document.

  • Initial model production and documentation.

  • Review with relevant stakeholders.

  • Model and documentation update based on stakeholder feedback.

  • Final model and documentation produced.

  • The first set of data is populated in consultation with stakeholders and scenario analysis undertaken if required.

  • Full handover and staff training.

  • Reasonable ongoing ad-hoc support post delivery.

I operate all over Australia on-site or remotely, and internationally if required.

I am happy to discuss your potential requirements and proved free quotes.  You can call me on 0425715160 or email or fill in the form below.

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